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So many healthcare staffing firm owners are stuck because they just don't know what they don't know. 

They're trying to build their legacy (their business) on a foundation that's like quicksand.

Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE


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Pay in full or three payments of $7,334*.

*Make your first payment today and you will be invoiced every 4 weeks for the remaining two payments.

**Additional funding is available through third party financing. Please contact team@growmystaffingfirm.com for more information!

Payment Plan: Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE PIF
Payment Plan: Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE PIF

After helping launch hundreds of healthcare staffing firms, there are 2 big problems I've seen over and over again.

Lack of Confidence

Many Healthcare staffing firm owners struggle to grow because they lack confidence. They don’t believe in themselves, they don’t believe in their own abilities, and they don’t believe in the processes (or lack of them) that they use in their business.

Lack of Strategy

Compounded with no confidence, is no growth strategy. Staffing entrepreneurs are searching for the next steps to grow their firm. They need clients and they want consistent results, but without the proper strategy, they're just “throwing spaghetti against the wall” and staying stuck.

Do any of these ring true for you?

✔️ You're ready to confidently grow your healthcare staffing firm but are tired of trying to figure out how to scale to the next level on your own.

✔️ ​You're currently earning less than $250K per year in your firm.

✔️ ​You want more clients and revenue but aren't sure how to get there.

✔️ ​You have huge revenue goals for your healthcare staffing firm and need a solid strategy to get you there.

Here’s the Real Truth

It's all possible:

Scalable growth…

You can grow your healthcare staffing firm in record time with the right tools and guidance. 

Consistent revenue…

You don’t have to stay stuck and overwhelmed. With the right strategy, consistent revenue is inevitable. 

Ability to thrive…

With the right foundation in place, you can go from dreaming about expanding your firm to creating that growth. 

It’s Time to Stop Trying to Do It All Alone

So let me ask you...

  • Are you prepared to do what it takes to GROW your healthcare staffing firm?
  • Do you want the confidence to get more clients and increase revenue?
  • Are you ready to create a custom growth strategy for your firm?
  • Are you ready to break the barriers between your staffing firm & your potential clients?
  • Are you prepared to invest in specialized knowledge and guidance?
  • Do you NEED clients?

IF you answered YES! to any of those, keep reading!

The Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE is a power-packed learning, implementation, and semi-private mentorship program that will help you exponentially grow your firm in record time!

This is a premier opportunity to gain access to the information and support you need to grow your healthcare staffing agency beyond your current operations.

You've tried other systems and strategies.

None have produced the results you desire. I've been there and that's why you're here!

Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE gives you access to the EXACT same strategies, resources, and tools I cultivated to scale my firm nationally within 36 months of inception.

Not only will you have access to this information, but you will also learn how to implement them into your own healthcare staffing firm, with live coaching and accountability.

By the end of this program, you’ll be able to pinpoint the areas of opportunity within your business so you can build a bridge from where you are today to the growth and success you are working so hard to achieve.

Empowered to Be Your Own Bank

In order to grow successfully, you don't just need more information, you need REVELATION, because that's when real transformation takes place.

Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE will require a shift in mindset as well as flexibility and willingness to change your current process.

Your motivation and commitment will be essential in making pivotal changes that will grow your business.

Here’s What You’ll Get Inside Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE:

Sales Training Playbook

This is your trusted guide as you go through the program. Giving you a clear process for differentiating yourself, building a sustainable opportunity pipeline, and ultimately winning those opportunities for accurate forecasting and business growth.

Weekly LIVE Coaching & Accountability

6 weekly live sessions with Nicole’s team of professional advisors and weekly email accountability check-ins so you have the support you need to confidently learn, implement, and grow!

Prospecting Call Scripts

Get the exact scripts that Nicole has used in her own staffing firm. The same scripts used by her 6- and 7- figure firm mentees.

Warm Leads Email Follow-up Script

You've probably heard "the fortune is in the follow-up". Use the warm leads email follow-up scripts to stay top-of-mind with your prospects and close clients consistently.

Overcoming Common Objections Scripts

These scripts will prepare you for the unexpected on your prospecting calls so you can lead them with complete confidence.

12 Weeks Digital Access to Our Complete Sales Training Series

Gain access to 8 video labs, each unlocking insights to expand your firm and master the art of selling. Boost your knowledge, harness unique techniques, and drive results like never before. These training sessions will give you the confidence and strategies you need to take your firm to the next level.

*Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE is for current staffing firm owners only. You must have already launched your firm to enroll.

Elite Sales & Growth Intensive LIVE

✔️ Prospecting Call Scripts

✔️ ​Overcoming Objections Script

​✔️ Warm Leads Email Follow-up Scripts

✔️ Complete Sales Training Series (8 Video Labs)

✔️ 6 Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls

✔️ 6 Weekly Email Accountability Check-Ins

✔️ Sales Training Playbook

The training, strategies, and coaching included in this program is easily worth over $55,000! 

But when you join this cohort, you’ll get everything included for just $22,000! 

Welcome call starts June 18th!