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Enterpriser. UPRISER.

Dr. Nicole Cailier

Nicole Caillier, celebrated as the QUEEN of Healthcare Staffing, is the dynamic force behind a revolutionary approach to staffing and entrepreneurship. Nicole’s profound expertise has positioned her among the elite TOP 2% of business leaders in North America. This unparalleled commitment and skill has culminated in her being honored with a Doctorate of Philosophy in Entrepreneurship & Business Administration. Having launched her own staffing firm in 2005, she quickly took it national in just two years.

Her mission is crystal clear: To help entrepreneurs make money finding jobs for others and to help them do it quickly so they can have more free time and enjoy their lives.

Nicole has been instrumental in launching hundreds of new staffing firms, profoundly impacting the lives and businesses of thousands of entrepreneurs. If you’re an entrepreneur ready to take your life and business to the next level with tried-and-true strategies, Nicole is the beacon guiding your way. CEO, Mentor, Advisor, and #1 Bestselling Author, Nicole’s legacy is set in the blueprint of success she generously shares.