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Are you ready for a PHD-level education in the Healthcare Staffing Industry?

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Legacy Launch System


 Pay in full or three monthly payments of $4,999*. 

*Make your first payment today and you will be invoiced every 4 weeks for the remaining two payments.

Payment Plan: Pay in full
Payment Plan: Pay in full

I've hand crafted an opportunity for you to gain access to over 40,000 hours of hands-on industry experience and 17+ years of cutting-edge strategies and tools.

You want more time, freedom, and income...

You're ready to get started but not quite sure where to start...

You're ready to launch your healthcare staffing firm...

Sound familiar? For me it does.

My journey to creating the life that I knew I deserved began in 2005, for the very same season you're here now.

I was done wearing scrubs every day

Making a huge leap of faith with my last paycheck, I jumped headfirst into the building of my own healthcare staffing agency,Quality Medical Staffing Agency, LLC

While the success I have found in this business has humbled me and blessed my life, I couldn't shake the desire within me to want to teach others how to succeed as well.

My greatest satisfaction is pouring my wisdom and knowledge into people who are READY for change and growth.

Are you ready for a PhD-level education in the Healthcare Staffing Industry?

What's included:

Your hand-crafted learning & implementation system includes:

  • A Custom Training Manual
  • ​Interactive Workbook
  • ​Exclusive Video Sessions
  • ​Contract Templates & Formulas
  • ​Master Vendor List 
  • ​Resources and Tools
  • ​Cutting Edge Strategies for Success in Healthcare Staffing 
  • ​Blueprint for Implementation 

What you'll learn to launch and grow your sustainable staffing firm:

  • ​Introduction to the Staffing Industry
  • ​Tools to Determine Your State Requirements
  • ​Getting Started
  • ​Developing Your Plan
  • ​Managing the Financial Aspects
  • ​Getting Funding (No Loans or Grants)
  • Finding the Right Candidates
  • ​Finding the Right Clients
  • ​How to Avoid Failure in the Staffing Industry
  • ​Principles for Growth
  • ​And so much more

Legacy Launch System

After enrollment, you’ll gain immediate access to the program contents. You’ll have access to your virtual training platform for 12 weeks. The downloadable resources, templates are yours for a lifetime.

A Custom Training Manual

​​Interactive Workbook

​​Exclusive Video Sessions

​​Contract Templates & Formulas

Master Vendor List

​Resources & Tools

​Cutting Edge Strategies for Success in Healthcare


Blueprint for Implementation

Here’s What Other People Are Saying

Our Legacy Launch System is a Healthcare Staffing Firm Business-in-a-box, proven to teach you how to launch your firm in record time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Legacy Launch System best suited for?

The Legacy Launch System is designed for highly motivated professionals who are interested in starting a profitable healthcare staffing agency and are also comfortable with self-study and committed to implementation of the provided Blueprint on their own.

How long will it take to open my firm?

This system is self-paced and designed for an individual interested in entering the market within 30-45 days. The actual time will depend on the implementation of each individual student. On average we’ve seen students Launch anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

Do you offer home health, sitter, companion, or other staffing?

No. This system is specifically designed for supplemental staffing of Registered Nurses, Licensed Nurses, and Nursing Assistants or allied health. The staffing firm will have an interest in supporting healthcare facilities (hospitals, long term care, skilled nursing, assisted living, physical rehabs, etc) with supplemental staffing.

Do I need a license to open my healthcare staffing firm?

Many states do not require specific licensure. The Legacy Launch System will guide you through the process of determining your states requirements.

Will Nicole mentor me privately?

Private Business Development consulting is reserved for established healthcare staffing firm owners ready to grow their existing firm or established professionals interested in adding staffing into their existing business model. Private mentorship sessions are available via application only. Our Legacy Launch System is designed to fully support an entry-level entrepreneur from the learning process to the launch.

How much money will I need to launch my healthcare staffing firm?

The Legacy Launch System is designed for highly motivated professionals with varying budgets. The startup budget is tailored to the structure and preference of each individual healthcare staffing firm. The system teaches cost efficient strategies to enter the industry with as minimal risk as possible. You’ll gain access to the strategies Nicole used to grow her initial investment (less than $1,000.00) into a national staffing firm without ever having a loan or grant.

Can you guarantee my results in this industry?

The staffing industry is a billion-dollar industry. Like anything else, your results will depend on your individual efforts and commitment to your healthcare staffing firm. We cannot guarantee your results. We can assure you that there is a market for healthcare staffing throughout the United States. You significantly increase your chances of success by accessing AND implementing using the wisdom embedded in this system which was created by someone who has invested over 40,000 hours in this arena and helped establish over 400+ staffing firms across the nation.

Do I have to be a healthcare professional?

No. The Legacy Launch System was designed by Nicole, a former nurse and healthcare staffing firm owner. We feel the system is best suited for a highly motivated individual with an understanding of healthcare professionals and types of healthcare facilities. While healthcare experience is preferred, it is not required.